Boswells Coffee Shop

The Boswells Way

Our ambition at Boswells is to provide the best café experience in town - great food and drink, especially coffee, with friendly reasonable prices.

We pride ourselves on being "much more than a coffee shop", and the secret of our success is our food. We don't buy a single mass produced sandwich, panini or salad from a factory - we freshly prepare them all ourselves by hand, on the premises.

Our family company has been "making it your way" since 1972, and with total control over our ingredients and food preparation, we can respond and innovate as requested...if you want a hot crispy bacon sandwich with rocket & tomato we can do it!

We offer freshly cooked Breakfast, Sandwiches & Baguettes, Panini, Soups, Salads, Jacket Potatoes, Wraps, Cakes, Hot & Cold Drinks (including excellent coffee). Check out OUR MENU for full details.

Our Environment

Our aim is create an environment of warmth, comfort and relaxation whether you are wanting to meet with friends, enjoy time with your family or simply enjoy a good coffee.

Our History

Our family company was founded in 1972 by Jeremy Burn, and was originally built into a regional chain of high quality bakery shops.

We enjoyed some fabulous years baking and selling hot artisan breads, handmade pasties, confectionery and cakes, and our "Swiss Chalet" shops had a great following!

Over time we have evolved, firstly to French style cafes in the 1980's and then in the late 1990's a new concept, "Boswells" was created.

We opened our first Boswells in the Brunel Centre, Swindon, and now have 14 fantastic cafes, all striving for the highest possible quality of food, service and interior standards - exactly as we did at the beginning.

Our People

One of the most important things that makes Boswells unique is its people. We seek those with warmth and enthusiasm, who genuinely enjoy working directly with people and helping promote a friendly atmosphere. We are lucky to have some fantastic people in our company, and they make all the difference.

Our goal is to give friendly, personal service. We have fun whilst we work and like to get to know our regulars - we enjoy being the hub within our neighbourhoods

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